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Please help me with refund my credit to dc phonix

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  • Please help me with refund my credit to dc phonix

    My Huawei Model: HUAWEI CAN-L11 is in soft brick, there is no OS installed. I tried to install a custom recovery but could not install because of FRP locked. So why I buy 15 cr from dc unlocker to unlock FRP but dc unlocker did not work. I want to get refund my credit so that I can use to recover my phone from dc phoenix. It is too urgent. Help me here. Thank you.
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    Credits added back. FRP erase is for google sign in request removal only.


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      Can I use dc Phoenix to install .app file with thia credit??


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        Can try, there is no guarantee that it will work though.


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          Looking for a device in upgrade mode
          COM8: Android Adapter PCUI (COM8)

          2/11/2019 3:51:59 PM Starting to write device in UPGRADE mode...
          File to update: Cannes-L11_C432B382_Firmware_Austria_Bulgaria_Croatia_Pol and_Romania_Serbia_Android_7.0_EMUI_5.0.1_1.APP
          Validating file...
          Looking for attached port...
          Preparing to write...
          Writing partition: SHA256RSA...OK
          Writing partition: CRC...OK
          Writing partition: OEMSBL_VERLIST...
          Error downloading file Cannes-L11_C432B382_Firmware_Austria_Bulgaria_Croatia_Pol and_Romania_Serbia_Android_7.0_EMUI_5.0.1_1_2.dtwo rk, partition: OEMSBL_VERLIST

          Error writing software
          2/11/2019 3:52:12 PM Writing device finished with ERROR
          No files selected

          I cannot flash ?? Please help me here. My device is huawei nova CAN-L11


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            You need to start flashing while in fastboot.


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              I flahed with fastboot first then dc Phoenix ask to flash using upgrade mode


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                I cannot flash using the DC Phoenix tool. Now my fastboot is also lost, I can't boot to fastbooot with volume - and power button. Now I will send mobile to the customer care centre. Please help me with refund. Thanks


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                  Refund for you not available after the moment you pressed FRP erase button. its very sad indeed, since it seems you did not know what frp erase does.