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Mediapad m5 lite 8 lte JDN2-L09 emui 9.1.0

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  • Mediapad m5 lite 8 lte JDN2-L09 emui 9.1.0


    Would you mind please to suggest please how to obtain bootloader code as need to unlock it?
    Firmware ver.: System
    Dataver: (unknow)
    BOOT: (unknow)
    RECOVERY: (unknow)
    DATAVER :(unknow)
    APTIME:Wed Oct 28 03:24:21 CST 2020
    Current security patch not supported!
    Looking through pages it seemed that dc-unlocker should work - it is Kirin710 device.
    Looking closer, it seems like I might be wrong and it might be just HCU working - but thought that same codebase is used.

    Do I need to use testpoint or maybe have to downgrade to v8 (have no clue how and little RTFM pointing to the right place would be great to get).

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    Can't get code. Bootloader unlock for it possible only via software/hardware testpoint, guide:
    software testpoint available for devices with up to android 10.0
    Bootloader may relock on 10th and above android, to permanently have it unlocked would need to downgrade to android 9


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      Is it sufficient to to use the dc-unlocker 4 credits or requires a conversion to temp license or something?
      Are there any other risks associated with testpoint?
      The underlying need for bootloader unlocked is rooting the tablet.

      Hopes are that by the time Huawei will release upgrade to 10, there will be a way also on v10 to get around the problem.

      Thanks again!


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        Need timed license account not credits.
        There are risks when using testpoint - not advised for random user.


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          Would you mind to outline risks and what could cause them?
          Aim is to assess risk level knowing i.e. if it could become a complete brick or how to avoid it.
          All I need is root and giving a phone to a service guy, doesn't make it bulletproof that he has any more knowledge of the process even if should.
          Having IT experience and some rooting experience (but one could call it script kiddie, as didn't develop anything, just used other's ROMs, etc. I can deal with basic issues - where I'm stuck is development of tools or as in this case Huawei devices - used to use Lenovo, Samsung, Sony and each of them rooted (via TWRP/CWM/Magisk/SuperSU) and effectively installing if needed other ROMs.

          So, not a complete noob, but not a pro - private user who likes Huawei and all what's needed is the root - just hate to be in walled garded aka jail

          What are costs of temp license? I'd probably try to use it over the weekend or maybe better next week as if would run into troubles to have a chance to ask for directions here.



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            The risk - damaging phone beyond software repairs, frying board, it still can be repaired but only by replacing parts on device.
            Time license costs from 19 euros 3 days of use and up, it shows price when you select item on purchase page.


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              Would adding 15E of credits would work to get time/temp license? (still have 4E/credits from original purchase for unlocker).


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                Originally posted by hikinloader View Post
                Would adding 15E of credits would work to get time/temp license? (still have 4E/credits from original purchase for unlocker).
                Yes, you would just need to inform us about it, then we could convert your 19 credits into 3 day time license account.