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  • Wrong Packet Length


    I am attempting to repair the IMEI on my Netgear MR1100 and when attempting to verify my account to ensure I have sufficient credits, I get the error code: Wrong Packet Length. The username / password are correct and it is worth noting that I am attempting to do this operation with a laptop tethered to a cellphone hotspot for internet access. When I manage to make it into town, I am able to verify my account and it does show that I have sufficient credits but I am connected to a public wifi which brings me to another problem.

    When on public wifi, I plug my MR1100 into the computer through USB and when I follow the steps to repair the IMEI, it tells me that its "unable to connect to server" to complete the repair even though I was able to connect and verify my account seconds prior to doing so. The only change (between verification and the actual attempt) is me plugging in the MR1100 that is detected by my computer with "no internet connect" on it. However, I cant even get to this step when im home due to the original problem posted above concerning "wrong packet length" due to me utilizing a cellphone hotspot from home.

    Any help / suggestions appreciated.

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    This means that your device tries to overtake connection priority on your computer. All possible methods of how to fix it can check here disabling firewall and default windows antivirus temporary may also help out.


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      I just tried on another laptop connected to wifi, the M1 was not connected, with good log in and password, when checking login I get the wrong packet length error. On two separate laptops on wifi, nothing else connected, I'm unable to check login.
      I'm having the same issue, I followed the guide to change from the link above. Now I gat the Wrong packet length massage even when nothing is plugged in and my laptop is on wifi. Any ideas?
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