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  • Refund request


    i tried to unlock a huawei mate 9 with Android 7. It's in the list of supported devices. When i start auto detect i get the message:

    DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1436

    Detecting phone :

    selection :
    manufacturer - Huawei phones
    model - Auto detect (recommended)

    Found Applications port COM13

    This phone cannot be serviced with DC Unlocker, but may be supported in Test Point (software or hardware) by HCU software, check

    I didn't expected such problems so I bought credits, How can i get my money back?

    Best regards,

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    Odd, if it runs android 7 it should work 100% What error you get when you press service button please? And make sure you are not trying to unlock bootloader, can only read bootloader unlock code from it and then permanently unlock via cmd/adb using it.
    Refund is available, but due to changes in policy by PayPal regarding refunds, taxes are applied. If you see no use in those remaining credits we can do a refund, but you should be aware that refunded amount will be less than you paid because of these changes. Please let me know your decision.


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      Hi, for your information: the installed firmware version is MHA-.L09C432B156
      What do you mean with "Service button"?
      I would prefer an unlocked bootloader to a refund. So i would give DC-unlocker a try ;-)


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        Service button is whatever button you see in "Unlocking" tab, would be great to know what buttons you see there, by default if detected correctly you should see there "Read bootloader code" button which you should try to press.


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          I think, i know where this is going ;-)
          I see two buttons, "Network unlock" and "Lock Bootloader". Do I interpret this correctly when I assume that the bootloader is already unlocked?


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            That's odd, please try to detect your phone on HCU software, use same user account to log in See what option you get there. To check bootloader lock status you can simply put phone in fastboot mode and it will show if phone is locked/unlocked.


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              hcu can find my phone.
              fastboot: phone locked, FRP lock



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                Where is phone detection in manufacture mode? Can't see any detection in your screenshot or you uploaded the wrong one.


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                  Here the log file:

                  Attached Files


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                    So have you tried to read bootloader code on HCU after detection?


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                      i have tried to unlock and with HCU it really worked. Thank you for your support :-)


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                        Great news, thank you for the feedback.