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  • Thx for Answer
    no hi suite does not recognize tablet/phone at all(not in recovery mode as well)
    uninstalled windows USB-SER driver and did the "scan for new hardware thing" -> SB-SER device reapers hisuite doesn't detect it

    Phone/Tablet doesn't boot at all - not in fastboot(which is the usual - fixable behavior - not in edl or recovery mode
    tried to flash board software vie phoenix but - no success
    maybe some partition table bug? maybe some wrong odm/oem(odm.img) file??
    but after runninge
    ./hikey_idt -c config -p /dev/ttyUSB0
    on ubuntu and flashing

    0: Image: ./hisi-sec_usb_xloader.img Downalod Address: 0x20000
    1: Image: ./hisi-sec_uce_boot.img Downalod Address: 0x6a908000
    2: Image: ./hisi-sec_fastboot.img Downalod Address: 0x1ac00000
    i get fastboot mode with temporary open bootloader (testpoint one time open bootloader mode)
    this is where i hope i could install board software vie cd phoenix


    • Hisuite not supposed to detect it in this mode, hisuite only gives drivers. I think your device's memory/board dead or damaged beyond software capability to repair it.


      • thx
        it happened after flashing openkirin (apex 10 beta) in testpoint fastboot mode
        i don't think it's actually physical broken but the android 10(openkirin) did something during the install process or in the boot process afterwards(then with locked bootloader cause i never made it to the downgrade android 8 version for dc unlocker to work - but paid you already of course)
        maybe something with the AB Partition change

        the reason why im posting this here besides you maybe knowing a way around is that in case i get it done - All the other Kirin 960 Emui 9 - past security patch 2020 could be unlocked and upgraded to android 10( via treble or open kirin)
        And that would be helpful for a lot of devices out there - i'lll keep on trying - and report if i make it - so you could write a one click solution for everyone

        thank you for your help Valdemaras
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